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Life is a Ferris Wheel and we only get one ride.  I believe we need to make the best of it while being open-hearted and strong willed. I ingrained in my kids that every being has a purpose and a passion and that finding it is true happiness. Freedom to explore and express those passions and purposes are a blessing not to be taken for granted. 

I started acting as a kid. I took a 22-year break to raise my kids. Now I’m back to continue my life’s work. If I can reach even one person and make them laugh, cry, think, wonder or even just identify with my characters, whether it's in my writing or my acting, and from that they discover that their life has meaning, passion and purpose --then I’ve done my job as a creative human. And that makes this ride even more amazing!

5-min  Comedy Demo

5-min  Drama Demo

with Tom Arnold in Ape vs. Mecha Ape

with Mirlande Amazan in The Green Couch

"The meaning of life is to find your gift.                                                    The purpose of life is to give it away."

Pablo Picasso


Runaway Wife

A politically incorrect romantic comedy for the holidays

RUNAWAY poster art.jpg

Little Wonder

The world's first female sports superstar, 'Queen's Gambit on the tennis court," she dominated 8 sports; a 10-episode scripted series and a 4-part documentary

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Moonie & The Girl

A heartfelt road movie about a teenage girl and her little person babysitter


Sextra Credit: Diary of a Teenage Lingerie Clerk

A coming of age musical series



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Nicholas Meyer

Oscar & Emmy Nominated Writer/Director

"I have been startled and moved by Maureen's versatility, vulnerability, intelligence and underpinning all, her authenticity. It is a rare performer who makes it difficult for one to tear one's eyes away. When Kedes acts, I find it hard to take my eyes off her."

JUNK DNA funny.jpg

David Bartlett

Emmy Nominated Director. Director, "Junk DNA"

"Maureen is a smart, sharp, funny and creative actress...she is beautiful and very sexy in her roles, especially with comedic ones...She is a pleasure to work with. If you are in a position to cast her, jump at the chance and watch the magic!"


Steven Fierberg

Director, ASC Winning Cinematographer

"Maureen is a great actress...capable of a wide range of character work. She comes prepared, ready to shoot, but enthusiastically leaps in to whatever direction I provide."

3 dates to forever.jpg

Louise Alston

Director, "Back of the Net"

"I've directed Maureen in two films, Three Dates To Forever and A Wedding In The Hamptons. She's a dream on set her humor and excellent acting ability brought life to her roles. I can't wait to work with her again."

Marc Gottlieb.JPG

Marc Gottlieb

Director, Ape vs Mecha Ape

Maureen delivers the perfect combination of authority, intelligence, and compassion to her portrayal of the Deputy Secretary of Defense. She brought the character to life with such authenticity that she commands every scene she's a part of. She also has the best line in the film, a line that was initially cut but Maureen lobbied to put back in and her instincts were absolutely correct. She nailed it!

CRT pulpit.jpg

Ryan Rosenblum

Director, "C.R.T."

"When it came to casting the main villainess...Maureen stood out from the get-go. Her vibrant energy and powerful on-screen presence was the absolute perfect balance to bring such a manipulative and salesman-like character to life. Working with her was a dream. I hope for all actors I work with to be as collaborative and insightful as she was."

Brody & Maureen.jpg

Brody Gusar


"Maureen is such a dynamic, fiery presence on screen. Her ability to tackle challenging material and repeatedly give an incredible performance is a wonder to behold."

Green Couch.jpg

Mirlande Amazan

Director/Producer, "The Green Couch"

"Maureen has such a great range; love her as a comedy actress (which mandates intelligence and great timing); as a dramatic actress -- she has a depth of life experience to incorporate towards her characters. She is smart, perceptive and VERY INTUITIVE...She's no joke!"

Addy Daddy clapper.jpg

Patrick VanZandt

Director, "Addy Daddy"

"Maureen is lovely to work with . She brings a certain enthusiasm to set and has a strong desire to understand her characters' inner worlds. Excited to work with her in the future"

Clarissa 1.jpg

Kyle Colton

Producer, "Angel of Death"

“It’s always fun when an actress can fully lean into a role and make that character feel three dimensional. To portray not only a day in the life...but reveal her inner life. Maureen Kedes simply devours the role. Lovely experience to watch her steal every scene she’s in. She was a joy to work with.”

Michael Set.png

Camilo Salas

Director, "Michael" Desde El Sofá Festival Finalist

"When you get the chance to work with Maureen, you are not just getting an actor, you are getting a partner; someone who would commit to that role...someone who would go above and beyond for that movie, someone who would commit until she gives everything that she has inside; that’s what you are getting. For me, our job as artists is to serve the story, serve the director, and serve the fellow actors. And if you do that, by osmosis you’re serving yourself because you’ll get the best out of yourself. This is Maureen, for me."

Single Life.jpg

Nicole Soul Creary

Director, "Single Life Dad?"

"Maureen is a wonderful actress to work with.  On-set, she is completely professional, always early, prepared, has lines learned and embodied to become the character. Maureen takes directions well and with a positive attitude, she is a joy for any Director to work with. Maureen brings life to her character and takes what's on the written page to the next level."


Canaan John

Producer, "Hey, I'm The Door Guy"

"An amazing actor...pure magic."

Upcoming Acting Projects

Hitting the Festival Circuit

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                       MAUREEN KEDES is a Los Angeles based actor and singer. Her proudest accomplishment was taking off from the entertainment business for over two decades to raise her two boys, both nationally ranked scholar-athletes at Stanford and UCLA.

Maureen relaunched her career in late 2018, and has logged more than 40 new film projects since.


                        Maureen Kedes grew up internationally as the daughter of a renowned genetic scientist and a real estate investor. She got her Ivy League undergraduate degree from Barnard College of Columbia University

and starred in Off-Off Broadway performances while attending University.

She studied acting at Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York, the Beverly Hills Playhouse in Los Angeles and the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco. Currently, she is enrolled at The Actor’s Circle in Los Angeles. Ms. Kedes was also a well- known fixture in the comedy clubs with two Improv Comedy groups in the late 1990s: Instant Gratification and Uninvited Guests

appearing at the Ice House and various clubs around Los Angeles.

                        For voice, Maureen Kedes studied under legendary Andy Anselmo in New York at the Singer's Forum Foundation.

In Los Angeles, with Steven Memel and with Elizabeth Howard at the Vocal Power Academy .

With her big voice and range (mezzo-soprano to soprano) her favorite styles are: Opera, Broadway, Pop, Jazz.

She has been a freelance session singer, and toured for Yamaha Microphones.

Kedes has been the lead singer and host of cabaret nights at various Los Angeles clubs.

In her time away from the entertainment business, Ms. Kedes ran a successful boutique PR firm, hosted over 200 episodes of her own business radio show on VoiceAmerica network, and made real estate investments.

Maureen Kedes is also a regular contributor to, AOL’s micro-news source.

Ms. Kedes speaks Italian and French well enough to handle a script and is a master at accents: French, Italian, British, Persian, Russian.

She is an advanced yoga practitioner, loves to travel, ski, cook, spend time with family, friends and her dog.


Behind The Scenes



Red Carpet & Premieres

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